Ethics of Code-Work - Parsing Ethical Responsibilities

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University of Minnesota Codework Collaborative

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Computer Scientist Phillip Barry (University of Minnesota) and Digital Rhetorician James Brown, Jr. (Rutgers University-Camden) will discuss the ethical issues surrounding code exploits, the increasingly long reach of software into the everyday lives and practices of both programmers and users, and how they think their disciplines are poised to approach such issues.


Code and the people, companies, and institutions writing, regulating, and designing it are inventing more ways for software to make suggestions about our everyday tasks, but what ethical considerations are not being addressed? This first Code Work event creates an opportunity for two scholars from different disciplines to discuss the ethical issues surrounding the increasingly long reach of software into our everyday lives.


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    Phillip Barry | Computer Science

    Since 1989, Barry has played an active role in shaping both the undergraduate and graduate Computer Science educational programs at the University of Minnesota. He has taught courses on the ethical issues of computing, programming courses for scientists and engineers, and analyses of algorithms. His research includes areas in computer-aided geometric design, computer graphics, scientific visualization, and computer science education.

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    James Brown, Jr. | Rhetoric and New Media

    Brown's research focuses on the ethical and persuasive dimensions of digital media, which includes his forthcoming book Ethical Programs: Hospitality and the Ethics of Software from the University of Michigan Press. He is the Director of Rutger-Camden's new interdisciplinary Digital Studies Center, and he has taught courses in new media, digital rhetoric and writing, videogame studies, and electronic literature.

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