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    Justin Schell | CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow, Digital Arts Sciences + Humanities

    Justin Schell is a Council on Library and Information Resources Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Minnesota Libraries where he leads the Digital Arts Sciences + Humanities program. He received his PhD from the Comparative Studies in Discourse and Society department, also at the University of Minnesota. In addition, he is a filmmaker and visual artist, whose work has been featured at the Walker Art Center, TPT, the Huffington Post, and as part of the dance-opera "Test Pilot."

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    Jeff Kerzner | MS student in Computer Science

    Jeff Kerzner is a masters student in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. His interests are in digital humanities, systems automation, and networks. He also holds an appointment as a software developer in the Office of Information Technology.

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    Chris Lindgren | PhD student in Writing Studies

    Lindgren is a 3rd-year PhD student in Writing Studies, who specializes in situated literacies and cognition. His dissertation research will investigate in situ programming practices.

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    Alison Link | Academic Technologist, College of Liberal Arts

    Alison works as an academic technologist and is passionate about leveraging technologies to support educational outreach that spans geographic boundaries and disciplines in creative ways.

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