CodeWork Unconference

Northrop Auditorium |
84 Church Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455

University of Minnesota Codework Collaborative

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Join CodeWork for an unconference exploring computer code and the various ways it influences our lives


Are you interested in exploring computer code and the various ways it influences our lives? So are we! CodeWork is a group at the University of Minnesota that is curious about looking at how code shapes our lives in ways that go beyond mere functionality—including, for example, how code shapes our experiences of identity, privacy, history, citizenship, teaching and learning, art and creativity, and more. When examining code, we believe that it’s necessary to adopt a variety of lenses drawn from across the spectrum of knowledge production. Our aim is to pool together multiple voices, experiences, and ways of investigating code-work.

In April 2015, come join us for a CodeWork Unconference bringing together students, scholars, and community members to talk about code and the ways it shapes our lives, work, and scholarship. We’ll have some loosely-scaffolded “tracks” to help you connect with others and get discussions started:

  • Mapping & Spatial Thinking
  • Civic Technology
  • Networks
  • Systems Thinking
  • Language
  • Learning & Intelligence
  • Data & Knowledge
  • Privacy
  • Identity, Culture, and Society
  • Art & Expression
  • Open Source Software and Hardware
  • History & Preservation

None of those work for you? Come and start your own conversations! We’ll have space and flexibility for you to move around and find meaningful connections. Come with some questions you’ve been thinking about, some data you’ve been looking at, a coding project you’ve been working on, some artwork you’ve created, or anything else you’re interested in when it comes to code and its influence in society.


  • Students
  • Community members
  • Scholars/researchers
  • “Coders” and “non-coders”
  • Developers/programmers
  • Artists, writers
  • Community leaders and elected officials
  • Anyone else interested in the significance of computer code!


  • Meet interesting people coming from a variety of perspectives and disciplines
  • Take time to brainstorm a new project
  • Get feedback on a current project
  • Gather new perspectives on computer code and its impact on our day-to-day lives

Interested in participating? Sign up here, and spread the word: